You are invited to join the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies at its many public events. In addition, Consortium faculty often run Middle East-themed seminars for teachers with World View and the Program in the Humanities. Please feel free to get in touch with Emma Harver (harver@email.unc.edu), the Program/Outreach Coordinator with any questions.

To invite a Consortium faculty member to your community organization, or for media inquiries, please contact the Consortium offices at Duke or UNC.

Please also browse our pages on:

Read more about our collaborations in Outreach in Better Together: Meeting International Goals in Partnership.


Course Syllabi: Our faculty teach a wide range of courses on the Middle East.  Film courses, combining language and cultural learning, are particularly popular. Here is a sampling of courses on Middle Eastern film:

Blogs: Our faculty blog to share their teaching and research experiences with a wider audience:

Programs and Organizations Supporting Teaching and Learning About the Middle East:

  • World View: International programs to help K-12 and college educators anticipate and respond to the challenges of a smaller, more interconnected world.
  • Middle East Outreach Council: MEOC is “a national network of educators dedicated to disseminating apolitical and nonpartisan information, resources and activities furthering understanding about the Middle East.” The web site offers resources for teaching and for sharing information about the region with the community. Membership information is available here.
  • SERMEISS: The Southeastern Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Seminar is a professional society for faculty who teach the Middle East or the Islamic world. The Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies offers some grants for attendance of the two annual meetings. For more information, contact Program/Outreach Coordinator Emma Harver at harver@email.unc.edu.

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