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NC Scholar of Global Distinction Course Globalization Grants

In partnership with UNC World View, the Consortium offers funding for community college faculty to develop new curriculum modules that integrate content on the Middle East and/or North Africa into community college courses from any discipline. A module is a self-contained unit that infuses global content, context and connections into the course. Key elements of a module are global learning outcomes, global learning activities and resources. Consortium grants are available to support the creation of modules covering the Middle East and North Africa, or a combination of the MENA region with other world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe and the European Union, Latin America). The award includes consultations with UNC-Chapel Hill librarians and faculty. Community college faculty receive $750 upon completion of the module.

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Library Resources

Part of the UNC University Libraries site, the Middle East Studies Guide provides links to collections of films, music, art, books and journals, and maps and data useful for teaching and learning about the Middle East and North Africa. The Library encourages all faculty to use the guide for research, and UNC’s Middle East and Islamic Studies Librarian is available to assist faculty from external campuses in their search for resources.

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Public Events

The Consortium is active in organizing events at Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill on Middle East subjects, year-round. These events contribute to intellectual life across the campuses and in the community through scholarly and cultural speakers, exhibits, and other events on Middle East subjects. Community college faculty and students are welcome to attend in-person or virtual events.

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