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The Consortium has curated the following list of online resources, lesson plans, and interactive websites useful for studying the Middle East and North Africa. Materials listed here originate from a variety of universities and organizations.

Created by the consortium for younger grades to serve as an introduction to each country. 

Ancient Middle East

Golden Age of Islam & Exchange

Ottoman Empire

  • Ottoman History Podcast: One of the largest digital resources for academic discussion concerning the Ottoman Empire and the modern Middle East.
  • The Afternoon Map: An Ottoman/Turkish/Middle Eastern/Balkan cartography blog with maps collected from archives and libraries around the world.

World War I

Israel and Palestine

  • PRIME: Textbook created by Palestinian and Israeli educators.  Includes both Palestinian and Israeli historical narratives on the creation of Israel.
  • Is Peace Possible?: Four short videos on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from The Atlantic and the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace.
  • BCC Timeline of the Conflict: This timeline covers ancient times up until the present day (as far as 2005). It includes key dates of recent Middle East history, and looks back at the origins and development of the conflict.
  • Just Vision: Resources highlighting the power and potential of Palestinians and Israelis working together through nonviolent means.
  • The Avalon Project: A project of Yale Law School, this website documents primary sources chronologically related to Israel and Palestine.

The Arab Spring


The Five Pillars

Islam Practiced around the world

Muslim Americans


The content in these resources is the sole intellectual property of its respective authors; please contact individual authors and/or publishers with questions about distribution and copyright.