Speakers Bureau

Faculty, advanced graduate students, and Center staff are available as speakers on a variety of topics related to the Middle East and Islam. If your college, school, or community group would like to request a speaker, contact Director of Outreach, Emma Harver at harver@email.unc.edu.

Popular Topics have included:
*Introduction to the Middle East
*Arab Spring
*Arab Refugee Crisis
*Middle East cultures

Here’s what teachers have said about our past programs and presentations:

  • “Helpful, enthusiastic. Glad for information on country-specific resources & ‘packets’.”
  • “Fantastic presentation, loaded with materials I can use for my Middle East History class.”
  • “Great ideas for class discussions.”
  • “This was amazing! The theme of cultural complexity will be useful in our classrooms. Also, teaching awareness and highlighting cultural parallels (West and Near East) is essential. Teaching these points allows our students a realistic and necessary window into world, not just Middle Eastern, relations.”
  • “Many thanks for the help you have provided us in furthering our knowledge of Islam. Your extensive scholarship, and your meetings with groups like ours, come at a crucial time as the world community comes to grips with the beliefs, needs and demands of a substantial percentage of its citizens.”