Inch’Allah Dimanche

Inch’Allah Dimanche
Biography, Drama | Director: Yamina Benguigui | Language: Arabic, French | Length: 96 minutes | Country: Algeria, France | Year: 2001 | Rating: N/A

This French/Algerian movie tells the story about the life of an Algerian immigrant woman in France. The film is largely descriptive of her family’s experience moving to France and the struggles for autonomy Algerian women continue to face even today. The film won a variety of international awards, including the 2001 International Critics’ Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.. Although Benguigui was urged to change the name of the film after the September 11 attacks, she chose to keep the original title, a portion of which is in Algerian Arabic. This film explores the complexities of immigration and the role of women in Algerian society.

This is a great film to show in French Language classes. French teachers might also have intermediate-advanced students read the book “Dakia, fille d’Alger” to further study of Algeria.

Available for streaming on Netflix.