Women’s Chitchat

Women’s Chitchat (Dardashah nisāʼīyah)
Documentary | Director: Hala Galal | Language: Arabic, English Subtitles | Length: 55 minutes | Country: Egypt | Year: 2006 | Rating: NR

This film studies the evolution of Egyptian society from the early 20th century to today, focusing on the status of women as experienced by several generations within the same family. The women discuss the inter-generational changes that have affected fashion, politics and courtship as well as society’s role for women in general. The achievements made by past leaders of the Egyptian women’s rights movement are also highlighted. By using old home movies, photographs and the verbal experiences of women young and old, WOMEN’S CHITCHAT provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Egyptian women over the past one hundred years.

Available for free streaming online here.

NCSCOS Essential Standards: WH.H.8.6