I Love Hip Hop in Morocco

I Love Hip Hop in Morocco
Genre: Documentary | Director: Joshua Asen, Jennifer Needleman | Language: Arabic, French, English, English Subtitles | Length: 80 minutes | Country: Morocco | Year: 2007 | Rating: NR

Our story begins with a group of Moroccan Hip Hop artists who share a single dream: to rock a professional concert for a hometown crowd. Unfortunately, resistance is strong in their society and resources scarce. With the help of the American filmmaker, they appeal to the American Embassy for funding and begin the journey that will leave to the “I Love Hip Hop in Morocco’ festival.

This film reflects the thoughts and dreams of the true future of the Arab world: its youth. These are not the images portrayed by the media, these are the real people. And their views on America, Islam, and the world in general, might surprise a few people around the globe.

Free for available online streaming here.

NCSCOS Essential Standards: 7.C.1.2