Young Freud in Gaza

Young Freud in Gaza
Documentary | Director: Per-Åke Holmquist, Suzanne Khardalian | Language: Arabic, English Subtitles | Length: 58 minutes | Country: Israel, Palestine | Year: 2009 | Rating: NR

YOUNG FREUD IN GAZA profiles Ayed, a young psychotherapist for the Palestinian Authority’s Clinic for Mental Health, and shows his consultations with a variety of patients, both male and female, adults and children, in his office and during house calls, providing therapy or prescribing medication for depression, stress, anxiety attacks and suicidal tendencies. the film shows Ayed training young wives and mothers in deep-breathing exercises to calm anxiety, counseling maimed Hamas and Fatah militants in meditation techniques, and leading children in group therapy sessions in which they discuss their reaction to the death of siblings and draw pictures to cope with their emotions.

YOUNG FREUD IN GAZA also shows Ayed at home, relating to his parents and other family members and friends, in the process revealing that this young mental-health doctor is struggling with some personal issues of his own, including serious doubts that he is able to help his patients. As he acknowledges, “Gaza needs a million psychologists.”

NCSCOS Essential Standards: WH.H.8.2