Gaza Calling

Gaza Calling
Documentary | Director: Nahed Awwad | Language: Arabic, English Subtitles | Length: 64 minutes | Country: Israel, Palestine | Year: 2012 | Rating: NR

Samer lives in Ramallah in the West Bank. His family lives in Gaza, one hour away. They have not seen each other for six years. When Mustafa went for a visit to Gaza in 2006, he was 18 years old. He was never allowed to return – his mother Hekmat has been fighting to see him again for seven years.

Two families torn apart. They share the same “crime”: being registered with a Gaza address in their Identity Cards. Under Israeli rule, they are considered “infiltrators” in their own country. Their lives have turned into a permanent struggle. Parents can only talk to their sons on the phone; sisters can only see their brothers on the internet – mothers and their children fighting to be together at last…

NCSCOS Essential Standards: WH.H.8.2