Hands-On Resources

In collaboration with Carolina Navigators, we are happy to provide several Middle East culture kits for educators. These Culture Kits, mailed to classrooms free of charge in NC, are collections of resources that contain authentic artifacts and contemporary and historical items, such as games, money, printed materials, tools, school uniforms, books, CDs, and DVDs, from a variety of countries.

Please visit here to reserve a kit – click “BOOK NOW!”

The Middle East Culture Kits include:

  • Afghanistan & Pakistan
  • Bahrain
  • “Daily Life in Cairo” | This Egypt culture kit contains items that will give your students insight to daily life in Cairo, click here for photos and descriptions of all objects in the Cairo Kit.
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Palestine
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Veiling Kit | Deepen the understanding of the concept of ‘hijab’ with this Veiling Kit. Learn about why some Muslim women choose to wear hijab, the variety of hijab styles, and veiling in other religious traditions. Students will also see dolls and clothing accessories from the Middle East. Click here for photos and descriptions of the Veiling Kit. The Veil Kit also includes additional information on the veil and information about veiling in other religious traditions. 
  • World Religions Kit | The World Religions Culture Kits contains tangible and digital resources for Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism.

Please email harver@email.unc.edu for specific questions about the “Daily Life in Cairo” and “Veiling” Kits. For all other questions, please contact navigators@unc.edu.

Egypt Culture Kit - Carolina Navigators.

Egypt Culture Kit – Carolina Navigators.