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The Consortium regularly offers sessions at K-12 and community college conferences statewide. To keep updated on conferences and workshops, join our K-12 or community college listserv by contacting Program/Outreach Coordinator Emma Harver at


March 2-3, 2017: North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Conference, Greensboro, NC
Join us at the NCCSS Conference for TWO sessions!
-Understanding the United States and Iran: In this session, a UNC scholar will provide an overview of relations between the United States and Iran from the 1979 Iranian Revolution and Hostage Crisis to the recent Iran Nuclear Deal. Dr. Charles Kurzman will answer audience questions the complex history between the two countries, and the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies and Carolina K-12 will share free classroom resources for teaching about the United States and Iran.
– Religious Diversity in the Classroom: Learning and Teaching about Islam: Join the Duke-UNC Mideast Consortium as we answer FAQs about Islam & Muslims. We will share free digital resources for teaching about Islam that will help create an inclusive classroom for all.

March 28-30, 2017: World View Spring Seminars
World View will offer two seminars in March for K-12 and community college educators to learn more about Latin America, Africa and connections to North Carolina. Register today! Heeding Adichie’s warning about the dangers of a single story, World View’s seminar on Africa (March 29-30, 2017) – including N. Africa content – seeks to highlight the diversity of lived experiences within the continent of Africa and the interconnectedness of Africa with other nations. Come check out our exhibiting table, to learn more about our programs and resources!

April 8, 2017, 9:00am-5:30pm | Silk Road: Past and Present, a Workshop for Educators
A rich history exists between Asia and the Middle East, as communication routes and vast networks of trade have continuously exchanged culture, goods, knowledge and beliefs for centuries. Join us for a day-long workshop as we explore the Silk Road and contemporary trade through art, music, and presentations by faculty and staff from UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, and Duke University. This workshop is particularly relevant to world history, art, and music teachers due to the theme of cultural exchange and its role in the curriculum of these courses. This workshop is free, but registration is required. Please register here.
A small nubmer of lodging scholarships (one night double occupancy hotel accommodations) are available for teachers traveling more than 200 round-trip miles to the training site.Teachers will earn 9 contact hours, or .9 CEUs, by successfully participating in the entire program. 8 hours will be earned on the day of the workshop, and 1 hour will be earned by completing 2-3 readings with accompanying reading guide prior to the program.


Click here to download the Silk Road poster!

World View, a public service program at UNC, equips K-12 and community college educators with global knowledge, best practices, and resources to prepare students to live in an interconnected and diverse world. World View organizes professional development opportunities including seminars and symposiums, workshops, online courses, on-site sessions, and study visits abroad. During these programs, participants immerse themselves with global knowledge and skills in order to integrate global education in all areas of the curriculum. Visit here to learn more about upcoming professional development programs.

Through World View, the Consortium supports the development of community college courses and course units with Middle East content. Below are examples of courses developed with Consortium grant support.

The Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies is offering travel grants for NC educators to attend the annual fall meeting of SERMEISS (dates change slightly each year, but always in mid-October at the Valle Crucis Conference Center, Banner Elk, NC). If you are interested in applying, contact Program/Outreach Coordinator Emma Harver at by September 15 of the desired year. Please click here to dowload the application.

• Open to secondary education and community college instructors in North Carolina
• The deadline for applications is September 15 of the desired year
• Please submit your resume or CV along with the completed application
• The applicant must intend on teaching in the consecutive school year
• All awards are a fixed $200, intended as a stipend for travel costs and registration, etc.
• Grant funds are awarded as reimbursements to teachers


GetEdFunding: Sponsored by CDW-G, GetEdFunding is a curated collection of thousands of grants and awards and grant writing resources.

The American Turkish Society Curriculum Development Grants: Curriculum Development Grants in the amounts of $250-$2,500, are made available to elementary and secondary school teachers in the U.S. to develop innovative curricula, projects, and other classroom activities about Turkey. Preference is given to schools that do not currently have Turkey-related programs in place.

TeachersCount: Their mission is to raise the status of the teaching profession and provide resources to the education community. They have collected this list of grants, categorized by subheadings.

Don’t have much experience in writing grants? Need help with your application process? Please reach out to Program/Outreach Coordinator for assistance. Contact Emma Harver at or 919-962-6732 for editing, consulting and writing assistance.

Past Educator Workshops, Presentations & Resources! (most recent listed first)

• February 12, 2017: Power of Poetry in the Classroom, During this innovative half-day workshop, teachers attended Mohammad Moussa’s Shattered Glass, then explored how spoken and written word can be used as a teaching tool in the middle and high school classroom with internationally renowned spoken word artist Kane Smego, particularly as a means to engage with social issues that connect to diversity, religious tolerance, and Islam.
• January 28, 2017: Islam in America: A Cultural History, In partnership with the National Humanities Center’s “America in Class Webinar” series, this free webinar posed the question, “What does it mean to be a Muslim American?” by addressing local and global, national and transnational identities led by Ellen McLarney, Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University
• December 10, 2016, Visual arts workshop, Global Islam and the Arts Teacher Fellows Program.
• December 8, 2016
, Learning Through Languages High School Research Symposium, UNC Chapel Hill. NC world language high school students had the opportunity to showcase their language, research, and presentation skills in a scholarly environment. Visit for more information.
• November 12, 2016, Migration and Human Rights: Stories from Latin America and the Middle East, Duke University. The regions of Latin America and the Middle East are both influenced by contemporary migration patterns and concerns over human rights. These regions also share a history of connections via migration and the creative sharing of culture. This workshop will focus on migration, displacement, and human rights in the context of Latin America and the Middle East, as well as connections between these two regions.Download the agenda here. Download the reading guide here. Download the flyer here.
• November 9-10, 2016
World View Community College Symposium: From Local to Global: Exploring Environmental Sustainability. This day-a-half program explored significant global issues related to the environment and sustainability, offered best practices in global education, and provideed educators an opportunity to incorporate global components into the curriculum. At our exhibiting table, teachers were able to learn more about our programs and resources!
• October 25, 2016:
Youssou N’Dour: Sufi Songs, Global Islam and the Arts Teacher Fellows. Barbara Anderson, Associate Director, African Studies Center; Lecturer, African, African American, and Diaspora Studies presented on “Sufism in Senegal” prior to the performance.
• October 19, 2016:
World View’s Fall K-12 Global Education Symposium: Innovation and Technology to Drive Global Learning, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education – This symposium explored Innovation and Technology to Drive Global Learning. Come visit our exhibiting table and learn more about our programs and resources! Click here for more information.
• September 18, 2016:
Ping Chong & Company: Voices of Muslim Identity, Global Islam and the Arts Teacher Fellows Program. Juliane Hammer, Associate Professor and Kenan Rifai Scholar of Islamic Studies, Department of Religious Studies presented on “Islam in America and the Diversity of Muslim American Identities” prior to the performance.
• August 16, 2016:
“Connecting the Middle East to the Southeast” Study Tour, Greensboro, North Carolina. This program was a partnership between Guilford County Schools, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and UNC-Greensboro. This one-day Professional Development study tour provided a meaningful immersion experience for teachers, deepening understanding of Islam, as well as the cultures of Muslim and Middle Eastern communities in the Triad. Click on the Study Tour tab for more information and resources!
• August 11, 2015:
“Full STEAM Ahead” A cross-discipline program exploring global STEM & art education, World View Partners Program, Greensboro, NC: Outreach Coordinator Presented 2 sessions: “Using Hip Hop for Global Literacy: Exploring the Arab Uprisings through Lyrical Texts” (Lesson Plan: Exploring the Arab Uprisings through Hip Hop) and “Strategies for Teaching about the Diversity of the Middle East” (Click here for the lesson ideas).
• July 8, 2016:
Anne Chesnutt Middle School Enrichment Day at UNC: Hosted day-long workshop for a language immersion school with sessions on the three cultures represented in their world language programs: Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.
• June 28-July 12, 2016:
Trip to Morocco!! In conjunction with GEEO (Global Exploration for Educators), a non-profit teacher-travel organization, the Consortium supported a trip to Morocco . Click here for all of the details and the itinerary! In addition to the local guides arranged by GEEO, the Consortium’s Outreach Coordinator accompanied the group to provide additional knowledge and help process the experience for the classroom.
• March 22-23, 2015: World View Spring Seminar- Building Bridges: Cultural Respect and Equity in the Classroom, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education, Chapel Hill. This Seminar explored issues of multicultural education and equity to build a culture and climate of respect in the classroom. Click here for the schedule and resources. Come visit our exhibiting table and learn more about our programs and resources!
• February 25-26, 2016: North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference, Koury Convention Center, Greensboro, NC. We presented two sessions: Strategies for Teaching about the Diversity of the Middle East (Click here for the lesson ideas) and The Truth About Terrorism (Click here for the lesson ideas)
• February 19-20, 2016: World War I and the Transformation of the Middle East, UNC Chapel Hill. The Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies’ annual conference provided professional development for K-12 teachers. Teachers completed readings, attended a concert of Ottoman music, participated in sessions with scholars from around the world, and attended a special working lunch to discuss classroom applications. Click here for the complete schedule and speakers. Resources: WWI LiveBinder with LOTS of resources | WWI Workshop Notes | WWI Lesson Plans | WWI Reading Guide
• January 29, 2016: Arab Refugee Crisis in the 21st Century Conference & K-14 Workshop, Duke University: This exciting conference focused on the Syrian crisis provided professional development for K-12 and community college educators. Click here for the complete schedule and speakers. Teachers received: sessions with undergraduate and graduate students, professors, activists, journalists, and artists who hail from around the world! Catered lunch! Guided discussion on classroom applications! Resources: Activities for Teaching about Arab Refugees | Click here to the Workshop Notes!
| Click here for the Reading Guide!
• November 22, 2015:
MEOC Nuts and Bolts Outreach Workshop at MESA: Outreach coordinator presented on  Needs-Based Evaluation: K-12 & Community College Teachers Say “We Need More Resources on the Middle East”.
• November 11-12, 2015:
World View Community College Global Education Symposium “Global Human Rights and Social Justice”, UNC Chapel Hill
This community college symposium will focus on global human rights and social justice. Come visit our exhibiting table and learn more about our programs and resources!
• November 10-11, 2015:
Area Studies & Outreach in the Social Studies Classroom, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
UNC area studies outreach coordinators presented on how evaluation strategies support high-quality resources for educators, while engaging in best practices. We discussed how collected data informs center strategies, and how different methods have improved the sustainability and quality of various programs.
• October 21-22, 2015: World View Fall Symposium, UNC Chapel Hill
The 2015 symposium will focus on global environment and sustainability. Come visit our exhibiting table and learn more about our programs and resources!
• October 2-3, 2015: NC English Teachers Association Conference, Asheville, NC
Outreach Coordinator Presented “Using Hip Hop for Global Literacy“. Lesson Plan: Exploring the Arab Uprisings through Hip Hop.
September 27, 2015, Disgraced: A Workshop for Educators on Muslim American Identities, Center for Dramatic Art, UNC Chapel Hill: This workshop for secondary educators began with viewing a matinee performance of Disgraced, followed by two sessions to discuss the themes presented in the play. Disgraced, an award-winning play by Ayad Akhtar, tackles controversial questions of race, relationships and identity in contemporary American society. Click here for the READING GUIDE, and ADDITIONAL RESOURCES.
• September 12, 2015
: Religious Beliefs and Religious Violence Seminar (offered by the UNC Program in the Humanities), Chapel Hill: Outreach Coordinator did a special working lunch session for teachers on strategies for teaching the diversity of the Middle East.
• August 11, 2015
: “Connecting the Middle East to the Southeast” Local Study Tour, Triangle, NC. Click the link above for resources and more!
• August 6, 2015: “Navigating Global Literacies”: World View Partners Program, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools: Outreach Coordinator Presented “Using Hip Hop for Global Literacy“. Lesson Plan: Exploring the Arab Uprisings through Hip Hop.
• March 25-26, 2015: “The Modern Middle East” World View Spring Seminar, Outreach Coordinator presented “Hands-On Resources for “ReOrienting” the Middle East”.
• March 20, 2015: “The Modern Origins of Contemporary Conflicts in the Middle East” Seminar, Program in the Humanities, Outreach Coordinator presented to K-12 teachers “Hands-On Resources for “ReOrienting” the Middle East. Resource: Common Misconceptions about the Middle East
• February 12-13, 2015: North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Conference, Greensboro, NC: Visit our exhibition table to sign up for our listserv and learn about our resources!

***For information about programming prior to 2015, please email