Recent Collaborations

Duke-UNC Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies (2010-present)

Carl W. Ernst (UNC) and Bruce Lawrence (Duke), Co-Editors of the Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks book series, University of North Carolina Press (2003-present).

miriam cooke (Duke), Bruce Lawrence (Duke), and Ebrahim Moosa (Duke), Muslim Networks conferences (2000-2005) and volume, Muslim Networks: From Hajj to Hip-Hop (2005), with the participation of Carl W. Ernst (UNC), Omid Safi (UNC), and others.

Duke-UNC Graduate Middle East and Islamic Studies Conferences (2004-present).

miriam cooke (Duke), Banu Gökariksel (UNC), and Ellen McLarney (Duke), “Marketing Muslim Women,” workshop (2007), conference (2008), special issue of The Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (2010).

David Schanzer (Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security), Charles Kurzman (UNC), and Ebrahim Moosa (Duke), Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans, National Institute of Justice research project (2007-2010).

Sahar Amer (UNC) and Martine Antle (UNC), Franco-Arabic Cultures Today, conference (2008) special issue of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (2010), with the participation of Dominique Fisher (UNC), Ellen McLarney (Duke), Jane Moss (Duke), and others.

Charles Kurzman (UNC) and Bruce Lawrence (Duke), Muslim Modernities, Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship program, Social Science Research Council (2008).

Sarah Shields (UNC) and Banu Gökariksel (UNC), Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar on Diversity and Conformity in Muslim Societies, with the participation of Sahar Amer (UNC), Anna Bigelow (NC State), Emily Burrill (UNC), Ahmed El Shamsy (UNC), Carl W. Ernst (UNC), Katherine Ewing (Duke), Akram Khater (NC State), Charles Kurzman (UNC) and Bruce Lawrence (Duke), Lisa Pollard (UNC-Wilmington), Andrew Reynolds (UNC), Mamarame Seck (UNC), Sara Smith (UNC), and others (2009-2010).