Faculty at UNC and Duke frequently appear in the media to discuss contemporary issues and topics related to Islam and the Middle East.


Faith, Fear, and Freedom WRAL documentary on Muslims in North Carolina with commentary by Carl Ernst, Jen’nan Read, and David Schanzer.

Faith, Fear, and Freedom Panel Discussion with Imam Abdullah Antepli, Carl Ernst, and David Schanzer.

-Sahar Amer and Banu Gökariksel discuss the Muslim veil on NPR’s The State of Things.

-Carl Ernst discusses his book, How to Read the Qur’an, with Frank Stasio on The State of Things.

-Carolina Weekly report on ReOrienting the Veil conference.

-Jen’nan Read on Muslim Identities

-Abdeslam Maghraoui, miriam cooke, Ebrahim Moosa and Jen’nan Read are guests on “The Charlie Rose Show” in the first installment of the “Inside Islam” series.

-Jen’nan Read and Ebrahim Moosa, discuss aspects of the world’s second-largest faith on the Charlie Rose program, “Inside Islam.”


Think Fast Forum: The Boston Marathon Bombing with moderator Peter Coclanis (Global Research Institute), and panel participants Tamar Birckhead (School of Law) Jim Hefner (School of Journalism and Mass Communication), Louise McReynolds (Dept. of History), David Schanzer (Public Policy, Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security), and Omid Safi (Dept. of Religious Studies).

-Omid Safi on Separating Islam from Acts of Terror on All Things Considered.

-Charles Kurzman discusses the continuing decline in Muslim-American terrorism on State of Belief

-Charles Kurzman, “Clash of Hatreds” doesn’t represent Muslims.  (print interview)

-Charles Kurzman on the conflicting perceptions and realities of terrorism post-9/11.

-Charles Kurzman, Diane Rehm Show, “Congressional Hearings on Muslims in the U.S.”

-Charles Kurzman, All in with Chris Hayes, “Homegrown terrorists killed more Americans in the US than Jihadists in the same time period.”

-Charles Kurzman on The State of Things with Frank Stasio, discussing his NY Times report, “Law Enforcement Assessment of the Violent Extremism Threat.”


-Carl Ernst, Doria El Kerdany, Nadia Yaqub, and Richard Kohn discuss Egypt in Crisis at UNC’s ThinkFast Forum.

-Carl Ernst and Nadia Yaqub discuss Egypt After the Uprising on WUNC’s Talk of the Town.

-Jen’nan Read on Arab Spring and our assumptions about Islam.

-Zeynep Tufekci does a TED Talk on Online Social Change: Easy to Organize, Hard to Win.


-Farida Badr is hosted on Nile TV’s “Story of Success” to discuss her success in the academic field, as well as differences between Egypt and the U.S.


In addition to faculty presentations, our Center staff and faculty frequently present and have exhibiting tables at state-wide conferences and workshops for educators including: